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Our space is relaxed and unpretentious - a space for artists to find their voice. Come discover your sound in our colorful and cozy facility - and trust that we are not afraid to take chances on the way to trailblazing the album you have always dreamed of making. Whether it’s your first time making a record or you are a seasoned pro who has already made the charts, we can push you towards your best work - an album full of soul and experience that your fans will immediately connect with!

LogicPaws Sound Lab was started as an experiment in small studio vibe with big studio sound. We democratize the recording process by empowering musicians with world-class gear without the rules and canon of a more traditional studio space. We do not “play-it-safe.” Great records aren’t made by doing things by the book - and working in the studio should be spontaneous, impulsive, and most importantly, fun! Every project that comes through the door is treated with the individual attention it deserves because every band is unique.

Making a record is a very personal experience and certainly isn’t easy. People sometimes spend years just writing the material! Recording an album can sometimes take as little as a few days but the finished record will outlive its creator. You should have somebody you can trust to take your songs as seriously as you do.  


“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”

― Stephen Sondheim





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